Exodus 7: Even If It Doesn’t Make Sense at the Time, God Makes Everything Work for Good

I wonder if Moses and Aaron felt like they were fighting a losing battle right from the start. After all, God had already told them that when they went to Pharaoh and told him to let the Israelites go, he wouldn’t listen. Even though God did promise that He would obviously eventually free the Israelites, I have to imagine that these two men were kind of wondering why they couldn’t just be freed right now.

Exo 7:2  Thou shalt speak all that I command thee: and Aaron thy brother shall speak unto Pharaoh, that he send the children of Israel out of his land.

Exo 7:3  And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and multiply my signs and my wonders in the land of Egypt.

Exo 7:4  But Pharaoh shall not hearken unto you, that I may lay my hand upon Egypt, and bring forth mine armies, and my people the children of Israel, out of the land of Egypt by great judgments.

Exo 7:5  And the Egyptians shall know that I am the LORD, when I stretch forth mine hand upon Egypt, and bring out the children of Israel from among them.

Exo 7:6  And Moses and Aaron did as the LORD commanded them, so did they.

Of course, if they had any doubts, God answered them. In verse five, we discover that the Egyptians would eventually realize that God was really the one true God.

This is a theme that we can see throughout the Bible. A large part of our purpose here on earth is to point people towards God. God uses us and the circumstances that He places us in to help lead people towards Him.

In that respect, we need to be like Moses and Aaron in verse six. We need to be perceptive and understand what God is calling us to do, and then we actually need to follow through and do what needs to be done.

From our human perspective, things don’t always make sense. However, we can be comforted knowing that when we are following the will of God, everything will end up making sense in having a purpose from an eternal perspective.

Rom 8:28  And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

It is hard to understand why God allows certain things to happen or sets certain things in motion, but we need to be like Moses and Aaron and follow through because ultimately we have the promise that it will work out for the best.


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