Joshua 12: God Is Bigger Than Our Problems

Joshua chapter 12 kind of reminds me of a trophy case. It highlights every kingdom that the people of Israel had taken down. What is even more amazing is that there are 31 kingdoms on that list. Granted, Israel was a rather large nation, but you would think that they would eventually tire of war and lose to someone. They just kept on claiming the land that God has given to them.

Jos 12:1  Now these are the kings of the land, which the children of Israel smote, and possessed their land on the other side Jordan toward the rising of the sun, from the river Arnon unto mount Hermon, and all the plain on the east:

I highlighted this verse because it is not like the children of Israel just barely got by. They smote their opponents. To me, that implies domination and utter defeat.

God must have been present in this work because human armies are never able to be this successful on their own. As far as I understand it, Jericho is not the only major city they had to conquer. Obviously it was one of the most significant, but it is not like the rest of the cities were tiny and defenseless. They all had their own armies, and Israel had to fight for everything.

I think that this testifies to the size and power of God. Even these major obstacles were honestly no problem. He took the people of Israel exactly where he wanted them and was able to overcome everyone.

Intellectually, I think that we all know this. We all know that God is omnipotent, but it is often harder to truly believe what we say. We sometimes want to subconsciously make God smaller than our problems for example. We think that He has no idea what we are going through and might not even be able to help us.

That is 100% wrong. Given that he created us, it seems rather natural that he would understand everything about us. If you build something, you know every part of it.

God had plenty of power to help and Joshua in the nation of Israel overcome what must have seemed like an insurmountable barrier, and He can easily help us with any problem we have as well.


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