1 Chronicles 16: Reprioritize

In 1 Chronicles 16, David is still pretty happy that the Ark of the Covenant is back where it belongs. About half of this chapter is a song written by David that pretty much became Psalms 150 with a few alterations that talks all about how great God is and how mighty He is. I want to look at one interesting thing that David mentioned even though I think there is a lot I could say.

1Ch 16:25  For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised: he also is to be feared above all gods.

The first thing to remember is that this particular use of the word fear does indeed mean to be afraid of. However, it is more through the lens of reverence. We need to have an awful lot of respect for who God is, and while there is also the dimension of being afraid of how powerful God is, this particular word seems to have the connotation of respect and reverence along with it.

With this type of thought in mind, we are told that we need to fear God above all other gods. If you think about it, as much as God wants to be our one and only power source, David did not deny that we sometimes put up other things as our God. I not only necessarily talking about things like Zeus or Apollo. Obviously they were other gods, but I’m also talking about the god of power, convenience, our jobs or even our family.

There are many things that compete for attention, and we are told here by David that we need to fear God more than any of the other gods. To go back to my previous discussion of that definition, we need to have more reverence for God than for any of these other things.

Some of these other things might be good. Our jobs and our families are certainly good things for example, but if we don’t have God as our overall top priority, we need to reprioritize.


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