1 Chronicles 18: Was God with David a Little Bit Extra?

You know, every now and then I wonder what it must have been like to be David. After all, it seems like God was with him a little bit extra. I know that God is with all of us all of the time, and, given His omnipresence, there is no way that he can be anywhere more than He already is there. However, He seemed to be particularly active in the life of David.

1Ch 18:6  Then David put garrisons in Syriadamascus; and the Syrians became David’s servants, and brought gifts. Thus the LORD preserved David whithersoever he went.

If you think about it though, like I already said, God is everywhere, and the difference I’m talking about here is not a difference with God. The difference is that David relied on God.

If you read several of the Psalms that were written by David, there is a definite vulnerability there. He was open to the fact that he needed God all the time and wanted God to help him out.

I think that is why we see God work so mightily through David. He was willing to do what God wanted him to do, and he was blessed because of it. Read Psalm 23 if you have some extra time today. He acknowledged that God was a shepherd. A shepherd allows the sheep to operate on their own to a certain point, but they are better off if they follow the shepherd.

We certainly have to make the choice as to whether or not we want to live for God. However, we also have the choice to wander away and rebel. That is part of the human experience.

Following God like David did is a huge commitment, but if we do that, we will be in a place where God wants to use us to do pretty amazing things for Him.


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