1 Chronicles 23: Thankfulness and Praise

In Old Testament times, the tribe of Levi was incredibly important. They were the ones who had the duty of offering sacrifices and doing most of the worship of God. In 1 Chronicles 23, we get a pretty good picture of what their job description was at the time of Solomon.

1Ch 23:30  And to stand every morning to thank and praise the LORD, and likewise at even;

Of course they had all of their priestly duties to do during the day, but near the beginning and near the end, they had to give time to thank and praise God.

I like the pairing of these two verbs. The first part requires that we acknowledge everything that God did. It is hard to thank somebody for something that has not happened yet.

The second part requires that we acknowledge everything that God is. You can praise Him for how awesome He is, how faithful He is or really about whatever you want. You can also praise God for what He has done, but I think two different words were used it to emphasize that difference.

I want to think about this difference through the lens of someone like Job. God had given Satan a license to really do whatever he wanted to Job as long as he did not kill him. Life did not look so good after a little while, and I don’t think that there was an awful lot that Job could be thankful for. I get it that he could be thankful for his life, and he probably was. However, I’m trying to make a very fine differentiation here. Both of them are good, but we want to make sure that we don’t only praise God for the results that we see here on earth. If all we did was praise God for the physical manifestation of His work in our lives, we are missing half of the picture.

Praising God for who He is needs to become part of our worship routine as well.


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