1 Chronicles 24: Casting Lots and Trusting God

1 Chronicles 24 is kind of interesting because it talks about how the power of the priesthood was divided up under David. Some of them became “governors of the sanctuary,” and some of them became “governors of the house of God.”

1Ch 24:5  Thus were they divided by lot, one sort with another; for the governors of the sanctuary, and governors of the house of God, were of the sons of Eleazar, and of the sons of Ithamar.

I looked on the Internet to try to find the difference between these two terms, but I really could not find much, so if you know anything, I would love to hear it.

Regardless, there is still something interesting about this verse. I personally really like the idea of casting lots. It shows the ultimate faith in God. When you randomly draw someone’s name out of a hat, any type of human perception is thrown out the window. Even if a certain person seemed like the front runner for a position like this based on his resume, he was just as likely or unlikely to be chosen as anybody else in the pool of men.

They were trusting that God would have the right one drawn at the right time so that each position was filled appropriately.

Of course, I don’t think that we need to do this all the time. We need to follow God. That is obvious. However, we don’t have to go through the process of putting all the alternative options on little pieces of paper and drawing one out. As was shown by the writing of the entire Bible itself, God does talk to people, and He can talk to us like that. We can trust Him without casting lots.

The main point of the entire thing is that we need to first of all trust God. By having this type of drawing, there were nothing else for the people to trust. There are other ways to listen to God, but this is the way that was done in this instance. Then, we obviously need to follow through.


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