Job 9: God Has the Answers

In Job 9, Job now gets the opportunity to respond to his friend Bildad who we heard from yesterday.

As a little bit of background, I am going to Dr. Ravi Zacharias tonight as part of the Veritas Forum at Dartmouth College, so my mind is somewhat on apologetics. Because of that, I found one part of this chapter incredibly interesting.

Job 9:2  I know it is so of a truth: but how should man be just with God?

Job 9:3  If he will contend with him, he cannot answer him one of a thousand.

Job 9:4  He is wise in heart, and mighty in strength: who hath hardened himself against him, and hath prospered?

Verse three is what I want to focus on, but the other verses do provide some useful context. Basically, if we tried to debate with God, we would be totally blown out of the water. God has the answers to the questions that we may not even know enough to ask.

I think a lot of that is why Christianity has survived for 2000 years. No one has ever been able to effectively eliminate the Christian God. Sure, if you Dr. Richard Dawkins he would probably say that he has effectively eliminated the need for God, but his arguments have been effectively refuted as well in several debates with people like Dr. John Lennox. Religions have certainly died out or at least become a minority. Many belief system simply don’t hold water, and people realize that. Christianity could have easily died out right at the beginning. It was no more than a few hundred people on the edge of the Roman Empire.

From an ideological perspective, if you read the writings of Paul (1 Corinthians 15:6-8), he made some claims that would have been easily verifiable. He said that there were five hundred people who were still alive and had witnessed the post-resurrection Jesus. If he had been wrong about that, it would have been incredibly easy to debunk. It could have ended right there as well.

It didn’t end there though. Christianity has been growing and is currently the largest religion in the world. The main reason for that is that it is the best answer for many of the large questions that we face as humans.

As Dr. Zacharias would break it down, a good belief system will be able to account for origins, the meaning of life, morality and destiny. Christianity can fulfill those minimum criteria most satisfactorily.

These are questions that we cannot answer, but God has provided answers.


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