Psalms 9: Trying to Push God Aside

Psalms 9 is basically an entire chapter discussing the justice of God. David is asking God to remember his struggles and the attacks of his enemies. David had plenty of them. However, he never doubted that God was in control, and he emphasized throughout the chapter that he was still going to praise God no matter what because of all the great things He had has done.

However, right before we hit the end of the chapter, I found something very interesting that I wanted to explore with you today.

Psa 9:19  Arise, O LORD; let not man prevail: let the heathen be judged in thy sight.

Psa 9:20  Put them in fear, O LORD: that the nations may know themselves to be but men. Selah.

David does not want any man to prevail, and he wants the nations to know that they are simply human. In other words, he wants people to stop thinking that they are God.

Unfortunately, it is easy to put ourselves up on pedestals. I think that having good self-esteem is great, but we are talking about something entirely different in this situation. These people don’t feel like they have any moral accountability. They have elevated themselves to such a point where they believe they can do whatever they want without repercussions. That is why David does not them to prevail. They need to be judged because they have this warped impression of themselves. They have not acknowledged God and His authority.

This is something that we need to be careful about. We need to make sure that we always attribute everything to God that belongs to Him. We are not the ones who are ultimately on top. We have to deal with the reality of God. How are we going to respond to Him?

As Christians, I hope that we respond by glorifying God and putting Him first. I hope we are not like these people that David is complaining about who perceive themselves as something greater than human. We need to understand where we belong in the universe and where God belongs.

About Zak Schmoll

Zak Schmoll is the founder of Entering the Public Square, and Managing Editor of An Unexpected Journal. He earned his MA in Apologetics at Houston Baptist University and is currently a PhD student in Humanities at Faulkner University. His work has been featured on several websites including The Federalist, Public Discourse and the Fourth World Journal.

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