Psalms 98: The Testimony of Nature

Sometimes we forget that nature can be a testimony to the power of God, but Psalms 98 brings us a reminder of that fact.

Psa 98:4  Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.

Psa 98:5  Sing unto the LORD with the harp; with the harp, and the voice of a psalm.

Psa 98:6  With trumpets and sound of cornet make a joyful noise before the LORD, the King.

Psa 98:7  Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

Psa 98:8  Let the floods clap their hands: let the hills be joyful together

It starts off rather predictably. Human music in verse five is a great way to praise God. We have heard that one before, and I bet most of us really like this one. Why do I always put a song with my writing? I think that music can be a great way to worship God.

However, in verse four it says all the earth should be making noises unto God, and we see what that means in the last two verses I pulled for you. These seas are roaring. I find this interesting because, having been to the ocean a number of times, it is a very natural reaction to think about all of the power in the sea.

When I go to the shore in Maine, you hear the water slamming up against the rocks, and there is quite a noise produced from all that power. It gives you an appreciation of the power of the ocean and consequently an appreciation for the Creator behind it all.

When you recognize that kind of power, I suppose that praise is the natural reaction. Similarly, when you see the floods (meaning rivers in general) or the majesty of giant mountains, it only makes you appreciate the creative mind behind the universe even more.

Psa 19:1  To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.


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