Psalms 111: Wisdom Begins with God

I think that on some level, we all want to have some degree of wisdom. There is a very specific way that we acquire wisdom and understanding though according to Psalms 111.

Psa 111:10  The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Again, I have written about this concept of fear before. Certainly, there is some dimension of fear as we understand it, but I would argue for a broader definition given some of the alternative translations provided by Strong’s Numbers. There is also the dimension of reverence and awe. I like to think of this as kind of like understanding our position relative to God. When we have that in the proper perspective, we will give Him all the recognition that He deserves, and as a result of that, the fear, reverence and awe will come.

If we begin to get wisdom through the fear of God, then it seems as if God is the one that is providing the wisdom. That is important. Why? It is important because it seems that there are many people who argue that they can help you find wisdom.

After all, every world religion makes the same claim as far as I know. There are many philosophies and ideologies that make the same claim.

The fact that we believe that wisdom comes from God does not necessarily make Christianity true. However, it does help emphasize the fact that Christianity needs to stand on its own or not at all.

For example, it cannot be simultaneously true that wisdom comes from God and from Allah. I think that most Muslims would agree with me. This does not mean that we have to hate each other, but we are going to disagree on the source of wisdom.

It also cannot be simultaneously true that wisdom comes from inside ourselves and from God. Again, we have a contradiction here. One or the other may be true, but both cannot be simultaneously true.

I know that my argument here does not prove that Christianity is true, and that was not my intent. However, I think it does dispel the rumor that all religions are essentially the same. That just isn’t true. There are explicitly contradictory claims, and we need to recognize that. Let’s prove Christianity right or wrong, but we really shouldn’t have any of this nonsense regarding many paths leading to one God. Those paths irreconcilably intersect.


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