Psalms 136: Thoughts on Worship

Psalms 136 involves a history of the great things that God has done for Israel. We see everything from the escape from Egypt to the parting of the Red Sea, the establishment of Israel and His provision for and this young nation.

The more interesting part about this chapter is that every single verse ends with the same phrase “for his mercy endureth for ever.” It is obviously a main point that was trying to be communicated here. It was the refrain that brought everything else together.

The word mercy here could also be translated as kindness. This Psalm is all about remembering what God has done and remembering His great kindness to do what He did.

I think that we could learn a lot from this approach. I have talked about it before, and I will probably talk about it again, but we need to have this grateful mindset. We need to remember that God is good, and we need to remember that He gives so much to us.

I just wrote about worship, and a huge part of worship is that thankfulness and recognition. It is putting God in the spot that He properly deserves in our lives. He ought to be the most important thing, and having this attitude of constant praise and reverence will remind us to keep Him there are and not try to find a replacement.

I know that it is easy to say, but this can be difficult to live out. In this chapter, we hear all kinds of great things that happened Israel. It is easy to praise God when things are working out very well. It is easy to thank God for giving me a job or helping me make a new friend.

It is a lot harder to keep this attitude things are going badly. I entirely respect and understand that. I’m the same way. It is a lot harder to actually practice this. However, we are told that God’s mercy endures forever. If His mercy endures infinitely, then He is still the same even during the bad times.

As a result, if God is the same, then we ought to praise Him just the same even when we don’t feel like it.


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