Proverbs 13: The Company We Keep

I know it is sometimes easy to think that we are on this journey of life alone. Obviously there are people around us, but on some level, I think that we all think that we are independent people who are capable of making our own decisions.

That is true at some points, but we also can be influenced heavily by the people that we choose to associate with. Proverbs 13 has some pretty straightforward advice regarding the company we keep.

Pro 13:20  He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

There are two choices. We can either be wise, or we can be foolish. If we associate with people who make us better, then we are probably going to be better. If we associate with people who makes us worse, then we are going to spiral downhill.

I think that this one is rather straightforward, and even non-Christians will agree with this sentiment. However, there might be another specifically Christian level to this verse that bears exploration.

Earlier in this book, we read a lot about how wisdom comes from God and the fear of God. In other words, these wise people are people who have a right perspective on God. They fear Him, and they have that relationship in place.

As a result, I think that this could be a reminder as well that we need to have Christian friends. We need to have community with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Please don’t take me out of context and feel like we can only talk to believers. Obviously I would never say that or else evangelism would be impossible.

However, I am saying it is important for us all to have some kind of Christians support network. If we walk with these people who love God like we do, they are going to encourage us on this walk. They’re going to help us move nearer to God and develop in our relationship there. That is definitely a wise thing to do.


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