Proverbs 21: God Looks Inside

It is easy to justify our own actions. It is easy to write off that little lie I told as no big deal. I know it wasn’t right, but it was so easy, and it didn’t really hurt anyone. In fact, I know that lying is wrong, but that wasn’t really lying; I was just stretching the truth… a little bit… hardly any at all.

I know I have gone through this thought process. It is so easy to make excuses and minimize our own sin because we don’t want to face the reality that it is sin. I think that is kind of what we are reading about in Proverbs 21.

Pro 21:2  Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts.

Our own ways seem right us. Even if they don’t seem right to us, we are pretty good at framing them in the right light. Like I said above, it is so easy to make up a justification. Even if our actions were wrong, they certainly feel like they were right on some level.

God doesn’t go through that process. He looks right into our hearts and evaluates us from the inside out. He knows why we did what we did, and He doesn’t go through the ethical gymnastics that we do. Sin is sin to God, and He is not afraid to call it like it is. That might sound cold, but you have to remember that God has not thrown us out to sea without a lifeboat.

We can be forgiven, and we can do that because of the saving work of Jesus Christ. We all have sinned, and God knows that. Sin separates us from God, but Jesus provided the bridge to heal that relationship. Yes God is the judge, and He does care about what is right and wrong. However, all is not lost for those of us (all of us) who have not lived perfect lives. We can experience the mercy of God.


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