Proverbs 27: Watch Where We Are Going

I wrote about being discerning in our endorsements the other day, but today we also need to be discerning in what we do and where we go. Proverbs 27 counsels us that it is wise to be aware. It is wise to realize where you are heading and what the consequences might be.

Pro 27:12  A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.

I think it is most of us would agree that this is simply common sense. If you are walking towards something evil, it is wise if you can see it coming and avoid the problem. If you are simple or not so bright, you are going to miss the warning and end up right in the middle of the imminent trap.

It is amazing how often we violate this concept even though almost everyone would agree that it is common sense. I know I have done that. You walk into a bad situation, and you know that the situation isn’t going to lead anywhere productive, but you still keep walking ahead. Sometimes this is a result of misplaced optimism, but sometimes this is caused by our own ignorance. We miss the obvious simply because we are not paying attention.

Let me tell you, I think this is one of the most dangerous traps that Satan uses. He leads us into evil, and we don’t even realize where we are headed. We are just overly naïve. We don’t truly discern and seriously consider the consequences. We figure it is no big deal.

That is right where Satan wants us. Our defenses are not up, and we are vulnerable. We need to rely on God to provide us with the wisdom to avoid these traps. As we remember from the beginning of this book, wisdom does come from God, so if we want it, we know the source.


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