Proverbs 28: God Looks at the Heart

I know that in a lot of the circles I run in, people are worried about the decline of Christian morality. A lot of people are quick to blame popular culture. In particular, they are quick to blame celebrities and other rich and famous people. They set a bad example, that is what is publicized by the paparazzi, and that certainly has an effect on the public perception of morality.

I know that that is a sweeping generalization, but I don’t think we can deny that these types of people really do help define our culture simply because their views and opinions are so highly publicized.

Proverbs 28 has something interesting to say about that. Money and fame really are not the most important things.

Pro 28:6  Better is the poor that walketh in his uprightness, than he that is perverse in his ways, though he be rich.

This turns everything on its head. God values the content of the heart rather than fame and fortune. It is better to be poor and do the right thing then to be rich and make bad decisions. In our society today, we publicize people who are wealthy regardless of if they are right or wrong, and we barely ever hear about people who are poor for right or wrong.

I think that a practical example of this comes during presidential elections. It is amazing how much time on TV seems to be dedicated to talking about what celebrities will vote in what direction. This gives those celebrities a platform and quite a bit of influence whether or not they are right or wrong. We don’t really care about them because of the message, but we care about them because they are the rich and famous.

The wealth really shouldn’t matter. We should care more about the content of what is being said rather than who is saying it. Similarly, God cares more about whether or not people do the right thing rather than their wealth or any other social metric here on earth.


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  1. Seems are though, humans are so easily distracted. If we do find ourselves submersed in the Word, then we can lose sight of the values God desires to instill in us.

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