Song of Solomon 2: Love and Support

Chapter 2 of the Song of Solomon had quite a bit of language that I think can point towards the person of Jesus Christ. As I have been reading more about this book, I realize that there can be more than one layer of meaning, but because I began writing on the most literal meaning of the text as a picture of human marriage, I am going to continue writing from that perspective. I have heard that one of the most important rules to keep in mind about the Bible is that it must have meant something to the person who wrote it, and I think it is pretty obvious what this one meant to the author. It was a celebration of love between a husband and a wife. I am not saying there can’t be more to it, but the very least, we are safe for sticking with this interpretation. Plus, then my writing will make sense as we progress.

Chapter 2 is almost entirely dedicated to the wife to be talking about how much she loves her future husband and why she loves him. One reason stood out quite clearly, and I think it is really important for all of us to remember.

Son 2:6  His left hand is under my head, and his right hand doth embrace me.

This is an image of support. Solomon clearly cares about this woman, and he is physically holding on to her. Obviously this can be a sign of love, and it is physically comforting for her to know that he is right there. However, with that physical comfort from the very real type of psychological comfort. We like to know that there are people who are there to support us and help us out.

This is obviously true in marriages, and I think we can even extend this one to friendships. If you are going to be seriously involved with someone in any type of capacity, a big part of that is being right alongside them. In marriage, that is necessary for the proper function of the family, and for my readers who are not married, it is vital for any relationship you have.


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