Jeremiah 33: Accepting Our Callings

I know that being a prophet did not end well most of the time for the men who were chosen in the Old Testament because they often times had to say things that weren’t popular and made people rather upset at them. However, I will also say that there are times I think it would be really amazing to have that kind of connection with God. I have never heard an audible voice from God or had a vision of the sort that you see the prophets having. I don’t mean to sound envious because I really am not, but I just think that would be a really interesting experience to have.

However, while thinking about this and reading Jeremiah 33, it struck me that God does not force people to be prophets. Again, I don’t want to go into a huge discussion on free will and the extent to which our history is already written and known by God, but here are the verses that brought this thought to me.

Jer 33:1  Moreover the word of the LORD came unto Jeremiah the second time, while he was yet shut up in the court of the prison, saying,

Jer 33:2  Thus saith the LORD the maker thereof, the LORD that formed it, to establish it; the LORD is his name;

Jer 33:3  Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

God spoke to Jeremiah in prison, and He basically told Jeremiah to pray. God was not going to show Jeremiah these visions unless Jeremiah took the initiative and asked to be shown these wondrous and amazing prophecies.

I think about that because Jeremiah could have said that he didn’t want to know any more prophecies. They caused him enough trouble as it was and preaching them basically put him in jail. He could have denied the call of God, but he didn’t. He knew that he was a prophet, and when God told him that he could learn information he did not know, Jeremiah obviously responded and prayed because the rest of the chapter is the vision.

I don’t know this as an absolute fact, but in my mind, I think that Jeremiah did this because he knew the call that God had for him. He knew he was a prophet, and he knew that it was his job to communicate prophecies no matter how unpopular they made him. Therefore, when God came to him and said I have a prophecy for you if you ask for it, Jeremiah understood that it was part of his divine calling and responsibility to receive that prophecy from God.

I think that we can get into a bit of a bind in regards to our own callings. We might know that God has given us certain gifts. We also know, just like Jeremiah did, that God uses prayer to help communicate His will to us. However, we don’t want to ask because we might be afraid of what God will tell us if we are really listening, so we throw away the entire thing. We need to be more like Jeremiah and be willing to take on our calling whatever that might be. As one of my favorite pastors puts it, “My answer is, ‘Yes God.’ What’s the question?”


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