Jeremiah 41: Rebellion

If you think way back to the beginning of this issue between Babylon and the people of Judah, God has always been telling them that everything would be fine if they would humble themselves and submit to the imminent captivity. However, they didn’t like that, and yesterday we saw the people taken captive and largely hauled off to Babylon.

Today, in Jeremiah 41, you would think that the people would have learned by now that this captivity had to be the amount of time as prophesied by Jeremiah. It was not that easy, and they continued to try to rebel from under the plan that God had laid out.

Jer 41:2  Then arose Ishmael the son of Nethaniah, and the ten men that were with him, and smote Gedaliah the son of Ahikam the son of Shaphan with the sword, and slew him, whom the king of Babylon had made governor over the land.

Jer 41:3  Ishmael also slew all the Jews that were with him, even with Gedaliah, at Mizpah, and the Chaldeans that were found there, and the men of war.

Jer 41:4  And it came to pass the second day after he had slain Gedaliah, and no man knew it,

It almost seems like Ishmael, who was a distant relative of Zedekiah, thought that the way he get back his power was by simply murdering the person who was put in charge for the time. Maybe he thought that the people would rally behind him and overthrow Babylonian rule.

I only bring this up because we know that it was prophesied that the Babylonians were going to rule. Jeremiah already said that earlier in the book, and it is not as if God would not have seen this coming. It is not as if God was surprised that Ishmael what do this.

I guess my main point is simply that we need to pay attention to the word of God as we go through our everyday lives. For example, if the Bible distinctly tells us something is wrong, we don’t get to go and change it because we want to. Now, there is always the possibility that we were previously interpreting something incorrectly, so I understand that that kind of thing can change. However, it is never a good idea to go explicitly against something that God has laid out. It is not as if our rebellion is justified simply because it is a rebellion that we feel is justified.

About Zak Schmoll

Zak Schmoll is the founder of Entering the Public Square, and Managing Editor of An Unexpected Journal. He earned his MA in Apologetics at Houston Baptist University and is currently a PhD student in Humanities at Faulkner University. His work has been featured on several websites including The Federalist, Public Discourse and the Fourth World Journal.

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