Zechariah 4: Testable History

In Zechariah 4, God presented a very testable prophecy. The angel told Zechariah that that the Temple was going to be completed under the rule of Zerubbabel.

Zec 4:9  The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and thou shalt know that the LORD of hosts hath sent me unto you.

I emphasize this one part of the vision because the Bible is a book that can be verified historically. It describes real people who were a part of actual history. It describes actual buildings that were built, and it tells us about kingdoms that rose and fell.

The Bible has plenty of moral wisdom. It has plenty of statements about how we ought to live, but interspersed within these passages, we have history. The Bible could be just a collection of guidelines for good living. The problem with that type of list is that it would not be able to be put into a specific period of time.

We know that Paul went to Athens. We know that he spoke to philosophers there. That is consistent with everything we know about Athens. It was a real place that was very interested in philosophical discussions. What Paul taught is very important as well, but it is significant that he went to Athens and not Atlantis.

Coming to this passage in Zechariah, God encourages this type of test. He said that when Zerubbabel finished the Temple, it would be proof that God knew what He was talking about. I think that we can extend this to the Bible today. It is not just true because we say it is true. It contains historical data that we can verify. It then raises the question that if the Bible was accurate on the less important matters of history, could it possibly be right on the more significant issues of eternal life that the authors surely thought was more important?


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